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Summer Bucket List Challenge: Spend A Whole Day at Klyde Warren Park

Carly Brasseux

Summer can be so much fun, but let’s be honest, it can also be grueling with the heat and constant search to keep your kids entertained. But, no matter the day, Klyde Warren Park literally has everything you need to keep everyone busy.

So, here’s the challenge. Spend a whole day at the Park. Yup. A whole day. The park opens at 6 a.m. (I hope that your kids are not rearing to go at this time) and closes at 11 p.m. (I also hope that your kids are NOT up at this time), so no joke, you CAN spend a whole day at the Park.

Oh wait! Guess how much the day will cost you? Besides transportation and food, everything, yes everything, is FREE!

Here’s how:
Take a trolley, DART or car. Make the trip part of the fun.

Laser Tag: Do you remember laser tag as a kid? It was always a blast! On the last Friday of each month, you and the kiddos can enjoy laser tag at the Park from 7 – 8 p.m.

Wonder Kit Wednesday:  Every Wednesday from 2 – 3 p.m. this summer, KWP has hands-on science experiments that will spark the imagination for kids ages 5-12.

Water Gun Madness: Every Friday from 12 – 2 p.m., the Park has a kid-friendly water gun battle. Talk about staying cool in the summer! Bring your own water gun, but, please, no water balloons and nothing that resembles a real gun.

Water Features: Cool off and let the littles run wild through the Park’s water structures. They have this adorable caterpillar fountain that turns into a butterfly when the water shoots out from its wings. 

Food Trucks: (open 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. every day) Food trucks are my jam, y’all. From Ruthie's to Steel City Pops to Walt Garrison BBQ, the options are limitless. There are usually about 10 trucks at a time. You and each member of your family can have something totally different, so no sibling fighting over lunch choices. 

There are also fitness and dance classes, an amazing Imagination Playground, music and story times for kids, concert series, poetry readings, a lending library, chess and checkers boards, croquet, ping pong, a putting green and dog park. What more could you want?

And don’t forget to RELAX. Be still, enjoy Dallas and enjoy the Park.

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