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Friends of the Park and President's Circle

Klyde Warren Park invites you to become a member of Friends of Klyde Warren Park. Membership in Friends provides exclusive benefits to those who love being part of the Park all year long.

Membership Levels


Benefits Include:

Two members-only parties
  – Spring Family Movie Night
  – Fall Annual Membership Party

VIP family access to signature events
  – Independence Day Celebration
  – Tree Lighting Celebration

Complimentary self-parking at signature events


  Select $500


Benefits Include:

All lower-level benefits, plus:

Complimentary valet parking at Park

Members-only specials at Mi Cocina on the Park

  Select $1,000


Benefits Include:

All lower-level benefits, plus:

Seating for two at KWP’s annual fundraiser, “Party in the Park”

Seating for two at members-only dinner in Museum Tower residence

  Select $2,500

Premium Membership Levels


PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE benefits include:

All lower-level benefits, plus:

Two President’s Circle member-only events
  –Spring garden party at private home
  –Fall cocktail party at Klyde Warren Park

Sponsorship recognition at all “Friends of KWP” member events

  Select $5,000


PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE benefits include:

All lower-level benefits, plus:

Dedication plaque on KWP green bistro chair

Free (no rental fee) usage of private event space in KWP

Sponsorship of one KWP public program (movie, concert, etc.)

  Select $10,000


  • Shelby and Eddie Abeyta
    Dianne and Jack Adleta
    Sara and Gary Ahr
    Marilyn Augur
    Kelvin Baggett
    Emy Lou and Jerry Baldridge
    Heather and Ray Balestri
    Carolyn and Ken Barth
    Mary Kathryn Bass*
    Tyler and Blake Battaglia
    Mark Bayer/Barnes & Thornburg LLP
    Carrie and Steve Becker
    Melinda Bell
    Nancy and Randy Best*
    Beth and Nick Billig
    Lindsay and George Billingsley*
    Lucy and Henry Billingsley*
    Kathryne Bishop
    Tamara and Keith Bjerke
    Jessica and Tyler Bolander
    Catherine and David Bowe
    Valerie and Geoff Boyd
    Kathy and Jerry Branum
    Ben Brewer/Hines
    Calvert Collins-Bratton and Vince Bratton
    Gillian Breidenbach
    Tony Bridwell/Ryan
    Diane and Hal Brierley
    Stephen Brooke
    Kim and Phillip Brooks
    Dee Brown
    Clint Bryant/Texas Capital Bank
    Linda Buford
    Jennifer Burns
    Shannon W. Callewart
    Leane Capps and James Billingsley
    Kathleen and Keith Cargill
    Ellen and Chris Carrie
    Ana and Don Carty
    Paige Chenault
    Ilene Christ
    Maggie and Leon Cikota
    Julie and Eric Clark
    Nita and Cullum Clark
    Hazel and John Clendening
    Shawn Cleveland/Baker & Hostetler LLP
    Lisa and Jay Clingman
    Jennifer Collins and Adam Charnes
    Margaret and Shannon Collins
    Jessica and Marc Colombo
    Denise Connelly
    Janie and Paul Cooke
    Morgan Cox*
    Itzel and Nathan Crow
    Kathy and Harlan Crow
    Lee Cullum
    Julia and Tim Danklef
    Cammy and Holmes Davis
    Craig Davis
    Peggy Dear
    Marty and John Debus
    Betsy Dixon
    Janet and Tony Dorsett
    Brooke Dowdy
    Marsha and David Dowler
    Jenice and Adam Dunayer
    The Durham Family Foundation
    Tricia and Doug Dzina
    Betsy and Richard Eiseman
    Tucker and Rich Enthoven
    Tony Fay
    Todd Fiscus and Ceron*
    Colin Fitzgibbons
    Ed Fjordbak
    Rebecca and Barron Fletcher
    Billy Fong
    Carrie and Kyle Ford
    Tracey and Christopher Frattaroli
    Beverly and Don Freeman
    Adrienne Gehan
    Michael Glazer
    Catalina Gonzalez*
    Nancy Gopez
    Sheila and Jody Grant*
    Louise Griffeth
    Whitney and Jay Grogan
    Diane and Mike Gruber
    Kathryn and Craig Hall
    Don Hammett/Dentons LLP
    Margaret and Barry Hancock
    Holly and Jimmy Hands
    Krista Hanvey /Gibson Dunn & Crutcher
    Gregory Harrison
    Sabrina and Field Harrison*
    Georgina Hartland*
    Sharon and Phil Hatton
    Jason Haun/ZOM Living
    Cindy and Bert Headden
    Tim Headington*
    The Hegi Family
    Becky and Robert Heiser
    Anne and Ross Helbing
    Carol Heller
    Cathy and Bill Helmbrecht
    Pilar and Jay Henry
    John A. Henry
    Blainey and Marshall Hess
    Arianne and Taylor Hill
    Lyda Hill
    Margaret and Brad Hirsch
    Ann and Lee Hobson*
    Regen Horchow
    Christine Horstman
    Brooke Hortenstine
    Laree Hulshoff and Ben Fischer
    Jane and Matt Humphrey
    Linda and Steve Ivy
    Sally Warren and Jeffery Jackson
    Sheila and Jesse Jackson*
    Sue and Phil John
    Amy Johnson
    Kaleta Johnson*
    Carole and Chris Jordan
    Nancy and Rod Jones*
    Liz and Seth Kelly
    Jan and Matt Kelley
    Sarah and Clayton Kennington
    Jennifer and Kevin Kirksey
    Lillian and Brett Kirstein
    Ashlee and Chris Kleinert
    Caren and Pete Kline
    Michelle and Scott Kocurek
    Laura and Greg Koonsman
    Lily Kramlich-Taylor
    Rhonda and Greg Kraus
    Lauren Kulpa /Perkins Coie LLP
    Wendy and Rick Kumpf
    Cyntia and Lisun Kung
    Nicolette and Miles Lamont
    Maggie and Greg Langston
    Thomas Laughlin/Kirkland & Ellis LLP
    Lori Lesniewski
    Brett and Lester Levy*
    Karen and Walter Levy
    Tricia Linderman
    Allyson and Hays Lindsley
    Mickey and Bill Lively
    Michelle and Bill Lockhart
    Stephanie and Ben Logan
    Natalie and CJ Lorio
    Sarah and Alan Losinger
    Lexi and Jose Luzarraga
    Barbara and Michael Lynn
    Thom Maciula and Fish Greenfield
    Jill and Brent Magnuson
    Joe Malick
    Joy and Ron Mankoff
    Haley and Ramsey March
    Becca Marcus
    Joe Mata/Platinum Events
    Lynn and Allan McBee
    Jeff McBrayer
    Katie McBrayer
    Libby and Murray McCabe
    Shara McClure
    Vicki and Larry McCoy
    Suzanne and Patrick McGee*
    Lee McGuire
    Catherine and Tommy McGuire
    Megan and Casey McManemin
    Meredith and Michael Meaden
    Sarah and Chris Miller
    Carolyn and David Miller
    Sawako Miyama/Miyama USA Texas
    Catherine and David Mize/CAPTRUST Advisors
    Katie and Grant Moise
    Laura and Scott Moore
    Blossom Moses/PNC Bank
    Jennifer and Jon Mosle
    Ruth Mutch
    LeAnn and Bill Nabors
    Alma and Majed Nachawati*
    Liz and Richard Naftalis
    Suzanne and Horace Nash
    Kathy and Greg Nelson*
    Byron Neuhoff
    Shannon and Andrew Newsom
    Julie and Pierce Noble
    Kim Noltemy
    Cindy and Kerry North
    Alice and Erle Nye
    Alvise Orsini and Geoffroy van Raemdonck*
    Jenny and Matt Ozee
    Cara Owens
    Rajan Patel
    Pam and Gary Patsley*
    Elizabeth and Blake Payne
    Wendy and Bill Payne*
    Mark Perkins
    Margot Perot*
    Ann and Dale Petroskey
    Liz & Eric Pitcher
    Beverly and Joseph Pitchford
    Karen and Richard Pollock
    Cheryl and Bryan Pope
    Chris and Joe Popolo
    Michal and Lloyd Powell
    Pat and John Priest
    Elliot Prieur/Gaedeke
    Kim and Phil Puckett
    Carolyn and Karl Rathjen*
    Kristin and Ricky Rees
    Katherine and Eric Reeves
    Penny Reid and Tom Nolan*
    Nancy and Sandy Robertson*
    Lisa and John Rocchio*
    Nancy and Richard Rogers*
    Randal and Keith Rhodus
    Elena and Aaron Richey
    Catherine and Will Rose
    Lizzie and Dan Routman
    Ingrid and Bill Rowe
    Nancy and David Saustad
    Kirby Schlegel
    Cristie and Rodney Schlosser
    Gary Schneider
    Karen and Alan Schoellkopf
    Deborah and John Scott*
    Diane and John Scovell
    Jacquelin Sewell and William Atkinson
    Josie and Carl Sewell III
    Peggy and Carl Sewell, Jr.*
    Kara and Kevin Shannon
    Cindy and Stan Shipley
    Sean Shepard/Kroger
    Ann and Donald Short
    Nancy Shutt
    Karen Simon
    Lisa and Marvin Singleton
    Abigail and Andrew Sinwell
    Misty and Steven Smathers
    Gloria and Juan Ernesto Snead
    Gay and Bill Solomon
    Jill and Tim Stanford
    Donna and Philip Steed
    Michele and John Stephens
    Blake Stephenson
    Robin and Ed Stevens
    Amanda Strauss
    Ryan Suchala/First United Bank
    Jo and Kevin Sullivan
    Candace and Max Swango
    Debra and Paul Tagg
    Jill Tananbaum
    Jeff Teasley
    Lisa and Kenny Troutt*
    Carol and Ben Vig
    Merry and Chad Vose
    Anne Clayton and Bunky Vroom
    Marilyn and Larry Waisanen
    Meredith and Scott Wallace
    Carolyn and Rob Walters
    Marilyn and Ben Weber
    Sarah and Russell Weinberg
    John Wellik
    Laura and Doug Wheat
    Kaari and Jim Wicklund
    Margretta Wikert
    Brian and Jennifer Willett
    Ann and Brian Wilson
    Michele and John Wilson
    Jim Wilson/Goddard Investment Group
    Michelle and Gus Woehr
    Nancy Wolff
    Ann Whitley Wood
    Michelle and Peery Wood
    Piper and Mike Wyatt
    Missy and Chris Wyszynski
    Sharon and Michael Young
    Julie Young
    Melanie Zacek
    Gail and Mike Zahnow
    Karin and Adam Zaner
    John Zogg
    Nancy and Jack Zogg
    Sophie and Eric Zuckerman

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