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Guest Services Spotlight: Jackson, Jacob and Ben

Whether you’re a first-time Park-goer or a frequent visitor, you’ll always notice the friendly Guest Service representatives around the Park. The Guest Services team is always there to point you in the right direction or lend a helping hand. Three of our Guest Service representatives are headed to college next month. Jackson, Jacob and Ben have served the Park for two years, and we are thankful for their hard work and dedication!

Q: Describe a typical day as a Guest Services representative at Klyde Warren Park.

Jackson: “When we arrive in the morning, we do whatever needs to be done for guests to enjoy the Park. When guests arrive, we are there to give them directions, explain the different programs and rent out games on the game cart.” 

Q: What is your favorite area of the Park?

Jackson: “The food trucks. I can always have something different for lunch.”

Jacob: “ The splash pad on Moody Plaza is my favorite because I can walk through the fountains on hot days.”

Ben: “ I really like the East Lawn. You can play ping pong and lawn games, visit the dog park and check in at all of the Pokémon Go stops!” 

Q: If an out-of-town visitor wanted to know what to do in the Park, which event or program would you tell them to check out while they were in town?

Jackson: “The Skyline 360 tour with Dallas Center For Architecture. You can learn about the architecture of each building in the Dallas skyline. You’ll also learn what else you can do in town and the history behind the city you’re visiting.”

Jacob: “I would recommend live music on the Southwest Porch. You can listen to local Texas artists in a more intimate setting while enjoying the scenery of the Park.” 

Ben: “Storytime with Miss Kimberly and Imagination Playground seem to be really popular with younger kids. No matter what activity is happening, they always seem to be having fun!” 

Q: What is the best game on the game cart?

Jackson: “Uno is definitely one of the most popular games!”

Jacob: “Big Jenga and cornhole are my favorite.” 

Q: Where are you going to college and what are you looking forward to most?

Jackson: “The University of Southern California. I’m excited to be someplace new and to meet new people.”

Jacob: “Fordham University. I’m looking forward to spending four years in New York.”

Ben: “The University of Notre Dame. It’s going to be cool to meet new people and make new friends during this phase of life.” 

Thank you, Jackson, Jacob and Ben for your service to Klyde Warren Park. We wish you the best of luck!

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