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Wednesday, October 13, 2021, 6:30 - 10 PM

2021 Party in the Park Host Committee


Kathryn and Craig Hall


Lynn and Allan McBee


Vikram Agrawal
Marilyn Augur
Emy Lou and Jerry Baldridge
Tyler and Blake Battaglia
Janice and Mark Bayer
Nancy and Randy Best
Lindsay and George Billingsley
Lucy and Henry Billingsley
Dr. Froswa’ Booker-Drew
Gillian Breidenbach
Diane and Hal Brierley
Ana and Don Carty
Elbert Choi
Maggie and Leon Cikota
Lee Cullum
Koshi and Arun Dhingra
Barbara and Steve Durham
Stacey and Robert Furst
Jennifer and John Gates
Sheila and Jody Grant
Heather and Gregory Harrison
Linda and Mitch Hart
Kenneth Hersh
Blainey and Marshall Hess
Regen Horchow
Marissa and Michael Horne
Brooke Hortenstine
Sheila and Jesse Jackson
Sophia and Willis Johnson
Sarah and Clayton Kennington
Ashlee and Chris Kleinert
Lisa and Peter Kraus
Brett and Lester Levy
Veletta Forsythe Lill and John Lill
Michelle and Bill Lockhart
Sarah and Alan Losinger
Lottye and Bobby Lyle
Hon. Ann and Fred Margolin
Janie and Cappy McGarr
Catherine and David Mize
Regina Montoya and Paul Coggins
Laura and Scott Moore
Juliette and Mark Moussa
Ruth Mutch
Kathy and Greg Nelson
Pam and Gary Patsley
Wendy and Bill Payne
Nancy Perot and Rod Jones
Carolyn and Karl Rathjen
Emily Ray-Porter and Zac Porter
Katherine and Eric Reeves
Penny Reid and Thomas Nolan
Lisa and John Rocchio
Deborah and John Scott
Peggy and Carl Sewell
Abigail and Andrew Sinwell
Suzanne and Jamie Smith
Gay and Bill Solomon
Sabine and Gavin Stener
Charmaine and George Tang
Michele and Stephen Vobach
Carolyn and Rob Walters
Heather and Ray Washburne
Dominique and Shawn Williams
Piper and Mike Wyatt
Missy and Chris Wyszynski
Julie Young
John Zogg

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