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Nancy Best Fountain

The Nancy Best Fountain is an interactive water feature that is free and open to the public, thanks to the generosity of our donors. The Fountain is located between Olive and Pearl Streets, and it operates daily from 8 AM – 10 PM.

By day, the Fountain is an interactive play area for families and a relaxing respite in the heart of Dallas. It features a 5,000-square-foot splash pad, which can accommodate hundreds of children at a time.

Each night at 7:35 PM, the Fountain will come alive for 30 to 45 minutes with dancing water and a choreographed light and music show, which changes monthly. Guests are encouraged to play in the water—even during the evening performances—making it one of the most unique fountains in the world.

Like all fountains in the Park, the Nancy Best Fountain is powered by recirculated water, which goes through a continuous filtration and sanitizing process.

Fluidity Design Consultants, the firm behind the Park’s other water features, created the Nancy Best Fountain. The design was inspired by the beloved green space, with three 15-foot stainless-steel “trees,” 14 “rosebud” bubblers, and 106 small nozzles that create giant “leaves” when they are working in unison. In addition to Fluidity, Bjerke Management Solutions, McCarthy Building Companies, and Jacobs comprised the leadership team for this project. The stunning trees were fabricated locally by Big D Metalworks.

In addition to the Fountain, guests are invited to enjoy the large green space, free games and the Park’s bistro tables and chairs—perfect for indulging in La Parada cocktails or a food truck supper. Restrooms are also available.

Nancy Best Fountain Performance Song List 

Can’t Stop The Feeling!
Justin Timberlake
The song is modern and energetic, and the choreography keeps pace, along with colors that are a fun nod to the song’s appearance in the smash children’s movie Trolls.

My Girl
The Temptations
A piece of legendary Motown music that required smooth, cool movements as precise as their dance numbers and harmonies.

Dancing Queen
The choreography attempts to channel 70’s Swedish disco, as well as pay tribute to the band’s famous harmony by having the center jets reflect the two singers, as well as the dancing queen herself.

Ring of Fire
Johnny Cash
This number uses strong colors and movement to showcase the power that love can have on us, and the addition of mariachi influences, which was unique for country music at that time, is captured as well.

La Bamba
Ritchie Valens
This song feels like a party and hopefully, the water movement and light colors will transform the Fountain into a nightclub where everyone breaks out in synchronized dance.

I Want to Hold Your Hand
The Beatles
The choreography is intended to embrace the joyfulness and simplicity of this Beatles song, which was their first hit in the United States.

Cold Heart
Elton John and Dua Lipa
This collaboration is the epitome of the remixes that are so popular today. It is a modern twist on the classic Elton John song Rocket Man and the galactic colors bring that to life in a fresh way.

Pharrell Williams
The repetition in lyrics could have resulted in monotonous choreography, but the designers broke the song into unique sections which came together to form a number that is as infectious and fun as the song itself.

Carmen Prelude – Act 1
Georges Bizet
A beloved piece of opera music that is frenetic and beautiful required the Fountain to match its intensity and pace with bold water movements and colors.

One Fine Day
The Chiffons
Showcasing the 60s “doo-wop” style, this sweet song needed bouncy water movements that will have you tapping your feet and thinking about young love.

What a Wonderful World
Louis Armstrong
This is a dreamy, hopeful piece of music, and the choreography embodies that with “colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky” and smooth water movements reminiscent of its jazz influences.

Time To Say Goodbye
Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman
A stunning and classical piece of music closes the evening with choreography that matches its complex, elegant, and bold composition.

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